Building in Faith

We are currently in the process of receiving Building in Faith financial commitments to pay for the new Fellowship Hall. We expect construction to begin in the near future.

Check out the pictures below from our November 8, 2015 Groundbreaking Service.


Now That We Have a Contract, Come Meet Our Builder!

During our church conference last Wednesday evening (9/30/15), we committed to a contract for construction of our new Fellowship Hall! We approved expenditure of up to $1,500,000 for the construction project.

Construction should begin very soon! Hopefully, the dirt will start to move within four to six weeks. Lord willing, a year or so from now we will dedicate and start using a spacious and beautiful new Fellowship Hall!

Now that we have a construction contract and are preparing to move forward, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with our builder. This Wednesday, October 7, Jeff Whittle will be with us for a 6:15 p.m. session in the Worship Center. Jeff is the President of the Ecclesia Construction.

Ekklesia is a Greek word that appears often in the New Testament. It is translated “church” in our English Bibles. Jesus said “I will build my church” that is, His ekklesia. The word means “gathering” or “congregation.” The church is God’s people gathered for His glory. Our new Fellowship Hall will be a place for God’s people, His church, to gather for His glory.

Jeff will speak with us about himself and about his business. He’ll share about how the business came about, his relationships with his employees and his professional and faith commitments. We also expect to have time for questions and answers.

Jeff will be working with us steadily for the next year or so! This will be a great time for you to get to know him and begin praying for him, his crews, and the work that is to come on our new Fellowship Hall.

Pastor Coye Still

NEW Connect Groups starting in September!


These NEW Connect Groups meet on Sunday at 9:15am at the University Hills’ church building… they’ll be looking for you and excited if you come!

  • Median Adult Group led by Mike Roberts. This group is made up of 30-50 year olds and they are using the Bible Studies for Life curriculum from Lifeway. They start on September 20 and meet in room 106.
  • Young Married Couples led by Coye and Sherra Still and Barry and Laurin Austin. This group is made up of married couples in their 20’s and they are using the Bible Studies for Life curriculum from Lifeway. They started on September 13 and meet in room 213.
  • Young Professionals 2 led by Jonathan Fortune, Melodie Conner, and David Kopti. This group is made up of 20-30 year olds and they are using the Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway. They start on September 20 and meet in room 202 (connected to the Library).

There are connect groups for every age at UHBC!  Check out the CONNECT GROUPS page at for more details about each one!

Crossing a Starting Line and a Finish Line

On Wednesday, April 15, in a special church conference, we made two big commitments—one to start something and another to finish something.

We voted to move forward in developing the formal design for our new Fellowship Hall facility.  The design process will probably take about three months or so.  When the design recommendation is complete, our church family will go through another approval process after which construction will start.  We don’t know yet when the first shovel of dirt will turn, but in a sense, we’ve crossed a starting line!

We’re also getting ready to cross a finish line.

In the church conference, we affirmed using funds on hand to pay in full the remaining debt on our current worship center.  The payoff will probably be around $215,000.  This will bring us to the end of a long road that University Hills has faithfully travelled.

I have a 2006 memo in my files from UHBC’s “A Place to Grow” Campaign Committee.  This committee led the church in her first five years of giving to pay for the worship center.  The memo shows that in 2006, our church had already given $808,000.  At that time, we had a remaining debt of just under $1,500,000.  Since 2006, we have retired nearly $1,300,000 of debt.

Now, God is enabling us to cross the finish line by finally and fully eliminating the Worship Center debt!

We’ll celebrate on a Sunday morning when the time comes.  Right now, just say from a sincere heart, “To God be the glory!  Great things He has done!”

Pastor Coye Still

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DNOW2015 Student Conference Info and Sign Up!

logo stand out

D(iscple)NOW 2015

When: March 13-14, 2015

Where: Calvary Church (Meet and get picked up at UHBC)

What: Awesome weekend with friends diving deep in God’s word!  Rush of Fools will be leading in worship and 3 great speakers will be teaching from Daniel on how to boldly stand out for the glory of Jesus.  The speakers this year are Leonce Crump, Tony Merida, and Wade Morris.  And… we get to stay the night in homes of UHBC families Friday night!

How’s it going down: Show up at UHBC at 5:30pm, we’ll ride with adult leaders to session 1 at Calvary Church, then we’ll go to UHBC host homes to stay the night, we’ll go back to Calvary Church Saturday morning and stay until 4pm, then we’ll head back to UHBC to finish out the evening together and get picked up to go home at a time TBD.

Cost: FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Sign up by clicking HERE!