Now That We Have a Contract, Come Meet Our Builder!

During our church conference last Wednesday evening (9/30/15), we committed to a contract for construction of our new Fellowship Hall! We approved expenditure of up to $1,500,000 for the construction project.

Construction should begin very soon! Hopefully, the dirt will start to move within four to six weeks. Lord willing, a year or so from now we will dedicate and start using a spacious and beautiful new Fellowship Hall!

Now that we have a construction contract and are preparing to move forward, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with our builder. This Wednesday, October 7, Jeff Whittle will be with us for a 6:15 p.m. session in the Worship Center. Jeff is the President of the Ecclesia Construction.

Ekklesia is a Greek word that appears often in the New Testament. It is translated “church” in our English Bibles. Jesus said “I will build my church” that is, His ekklesia. The word means “gathering” or “congregation.” The church is God’s people gathered for His glory. Our new Fellowship Hall will be a place for God’s people, His church, to gather for His glory.

Jeff will speak with us about himself and about his business. He’ll share about how the business came about, his relationships with his employees and his professional and faith commitments. We also expect to have time for questions and answers.

Jeff will be working with us steadily for the next year or so! This will be a great time for you to get to know him and begin praying for him, his crews, and the work that is to come on our new Fellowship Hall.

Pastor Coye Still


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