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NEW Connect Groups starting in September!


These NEW Connect Groups meet on Sunday at 9:15am at the University Hills’ church building… they’ll be looking for you and excited if you come!

  • Median Adult Group led by Mike Roberts. This group is made up of 30-50 year olds and they are using the Bible Studies for Life curriculum from Lifeway. They start on September 20 and meet in room 106.
  • Young Married Couples led by Coye and Sherra Still and Barry and Laurin Austin. This group is made up of married couples in their 20’s and they are using the Bible Studies for Life curriculum from Lifeway. They started on September 13 and meet in room 213.
  • Young Professionals 2 led by Jonathan Fortune, Melodie Conner, and David Kopti. This group is made up of 20-30 year olds and they are using the Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway. They start on September 20 and meet in room 202 (connected to the Library).

There are connect groups for every age at UHBC!  Check out the CONNECT GROUPS page at for more details about each one!


DNOW2015 Student Conference Info and Sign Up!

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D(iscple)NOW 2015

When: March 13-14, 2015

Where: Calvary Church (Meet and get picked up at UHBC)

What: Awesome weekend with friends diving deep in God’s word!  Rush of Fools will be leading in worship and 3 great speakers will be teaching from Daniel on how to boldly stand out for the glory of Jesus.  The speakers this year are Leonce Crump, Tony Merida, and Wade Morris.  And… we get to stay the night in homes of UHBC families Friday night!

How’s it going down: Show up at UHBC at 5:30pm, we’ll ride with adult leaders to session 1 at Calvary Church, then we’ll go to UHBC host homes to stay the night, we’ll go back to Calvary Church Saturday morning and stay until 4pm, then we’ll head back to UHBC to finish out the evening together and get picked up to go home at a time TBD.

Cost: FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Sign up by clicking HERE!

FUGE- Info about the 2015 Summer Student Camp

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FUGE (a Lifeway ministry) is a week long camp for Middle and High School students.  There are locations all over the US throughout the summer.  The week is filled with fun recreational activities, Bible study, and worship!  It is really a blast and a life changing week with other students in God’s word!

Details for the University Hills FUGE Summer Camp:

  • Dates: July 6-11, 2015
  • Location: North Greenville University (7801 North Tigerville Road, Tigerville, SC 29688)
  • We will leave on a bus from UHBC on Monday July 6 at 10:15am and return on Saturday July 11 at 1:00pm.
  • Cost: $280 Total ($50 deposit due in January 2015 to the UHBC Office or Cindy Behling)
  • The FUGE form (available after January 15) must be notarized and submitted with a copy of your insurance card (if available)
  • Students have the choice of either Mfuge or Centrifuge.  The only thing this changes is for Mfuge the student leaves for part of each day on a team to do a local mission project in the city (the student chooses their mission tract: working with children, construction, evangelism, etc).  Centrifuge students will be doing recreation and tract times (dozens of options) while Mfuge students leave campus with their team.  Please indicate MFUGE or Centrifuge when deposit is turned in.
  • Follow @UHBCFUGE on Twitter!
  • We are still in need of adult leaders to chaperone so if you are a parent and would like to go as an adult chaperone please email

Want a 30 second snapshot of a week at camp?

Fellowship Hall Building Committee Report from 11/16/14

The Fellowship Hall Building Committee met with several architects about construction of the new building. After a lot of careful consideration, we decided on an architect, whose company designs and builds the complete structure. We chose Ecclesia Construction Co., out of Rock Hill. This company builds churches and has built many in our area. They are familiar with our situation and will be able to help us in many aspects; including settling with the insurance company.

David Young, Todd Waits, and Leah Misner met with Jeff Whittle, from Ecclesia, last week to answer questions that Jeff had about our church. Jeff will study this information and in the next few weeks, he will have a design meeting with our entire building committee, plus other individuals who would represent various areas of the new building, such as Bible Study, Media, Building and Grounds, Kitchen, etc. After this meeting, Jeff and his team will work on a general design to present to the building committee.

We continue to ask for your prayer for this committee as we move forward.

Meet Your Building Committee

David Young (Chair)
UHBC member since 1986
Member of Adult D Bible Study Class

David Cooke
UHBC member since 2005
Member of Adult F Bible Study Class

Jean Houston
UHBC member since 1980
Member of Adult B Bible Study Class

George Kirby
UHBC member since 2013
Member of Adult H Bible Study Class

Leah Misner
UHBC member since 2006
Leader of Pre-K II Bible Study Class

Kindra Taplin
UHBC member since 2009
Member of Adult L Bible Study Class

Todd Waits
UHBC member since 2000
Leader of 9th Grade Guys Bible Study Class

Lewis Walker
UHBC member since 1979
Leader of Adult A Bible Study Class

Rev. Mike Toney (Staff Representative)
UHBC member since 1989

Please be in prayer for this team during the planning and rebuilding of the Fellowship Hall.